The Aviary

An art and philosophy project

from Fulton's Book of Pigeons, Cassell, London, 1880

The starting point for this project was the image of an aviary, which Plato presents as a simile in his Socratic dialogue Theaetetus. When I first read Plato’s simile, as translated by Martin Heidegger in the The Essence of Truth, I could see the image being offered, but what it hinted at was unclear, yet it motivated me to create work that built upon this initial encounter.

My approach employs two separate practices, at the centre of which is Plato’s simile. The first practice is that of painting, which I am using to make a number of works that together will enact the aviary simile. The second practice is that of writing, through which I will track Heidegger’s interpretation of the Theaetetus. This will be in the form of a series of individual blog posts, starting with an introduction, and also longer texts.

Derek Hampson

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