Links to all my posts on Jacques Derrida’s Given Time: 1. Counterfeit Money
(The University of Chicago Press, 1992), produced as part of the Art as Gift project.

Introduction to the Art as Gift project

Introduction to Jacques Derrida’s Given Time

Chapter 1: The Time of the King
1. The Impossibility of the Gift
2. The Possibility of the Gift
3. The Circularity of the Gift
4. The Politics of the Gift

Chapter 2: The Madness of Economic Reason
5. The Madness of the Gift
6. The Potlatch: a War of Property
7. The Delay of the Gift

Chapter 3: “Counterfeit Money” I: Poetics of Tobacco
8. Structuralism:a very short overview
9. Hau: the Aura of the Gift
10. Hau: a Structuralist Critique
11. Derrida’s Critique of Levi-Strauss
12. The Title of the Gift
13. The Fold of Language
14. Reading Counterfeit Money: 1. Introduction
15. Reading Counterfeit Money: 2. The Title
16. Reading Counterfeit Money: 3. The Dedication
17. Reading Counterfeit Money: 4. Crossing the Border
18. Reading Counterfeit Money: 5. The Text Machine
19. What is Given in Baudelaire’s Counterfeit Money?

Chapter 4: “Counterfeit Money” II:
Gift and Countergift, Excuse and Forgiveness
20. What is Tobacco?
21. The Economics of Poetry
22. Why Counterfeit Money is a story of tobacco
23. What is unforgiven in Counterfeit Money?
24. The Narrative Structure of Counterfeit Money 1
25. The Narrative Structure of Counterfeit Money 2
26. The Luck of the Gift
27. The Fortunes of Counterfeit Money
28. On Nature and Production
29. Two types of luck
30. The Law of Alms
31. The Pleasure of Surprise
32. The Antagonism of Friendship
33. The Credit of Literature
34. A Terrible Scene of Friendship
35. Three Motifs of Reverie
36. The Judgment of Nature
37. The End

Art as Gift Symposium