Visualising the Network

Jeff Clarkson
Mik Godley
Derek Hampson
Gurminder Sikand
Peter Suchin
Rob Van Beek

Curated by Derek Hampson and Peter Suchin

25 – 28th August, 2017

Private View: Thursday 24th August, 6 – 8pm. All welcome, RSVP appreciated.

Visualising the Network takes the form of an enquiry into ideas outlined in David Joselit’s influential article “Painting Beside Itself”, published in the journal October in 2009 (No. 130, pp. 125-134). Joselit suggests that a new kind of artistic practice has recently emerged, which he labels “transitive painting”, in which painters consciously address the broader networks within which their work has been generated and received. Joselit’s text emphasises the complex intertextual relationships of influence and effect in which artists participate, and which bear heavily upon the production of their work.

Two networks emphasised by Joselit are those of the diachronic (or historical), and the synchronic (or contemporary), structures which critically addresses the notion that paintings are best regarded as isolated, self-contained works of art. Contributors to Visualising the Network have been asked to provide, together with a single recently-produced painting, two supplementary artworks, images or objects, which draw attention to the diachronic and synchronic structures within which their paintings are made and received. It is hoped that by foregrounding these connections a more extensive matrix of ideas, influences, drives and determining features will become apparent within the exhibition.

Although participants have been, as a point of departure, asked to consider Joselit’s essay, how they read and expand upon it has been left to individual volition. Whilst each artist’s personal trilogy of submissions may be regarded as a micro-network of relations in its own right, the exhibition as a whole emphasises the interconnected, dialogical structure of the networks in which artistic practice takes place, whilst leaving ample room for critical engagement with the individual components of the show.

Gallery Discussion
A discussion of the exhibition in relation to “Painting Beside Itself,” with all the artists present, will be held in the gallery on Saturday 26th August at 2pm. All welcome. Attendance is free but space is limited, please contact us to reserve a place.

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Wollaton Street Studios,
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